roxanne graduated from ocad university with a bachelor of design in 2019. she loves to make fun and beautiful things! please contact her so she can make fun and beautiful things for you!

graphic design for print and web

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this is the last fun website on the entire internet. created for my thesis project, is encapsulates all the fun elements of the web that were common in 2007 but are slowly dying. | 2019

bad western

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promotional material created for a local toronto band. | 2019-2020

grad ex site

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this site was created for the graphic design grad exhibition at OCAD in 2019. the splash page is editable by all, with the changes automatically updating for everybody. | 2019


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a modern typeface for the ages, on risograph, and in glitter. | 2018

avatar creator

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the antidote to bitmoji, an avatar creator that does not allow you to create something resembling yourself. | 2018

net posters

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posters created on habbo hotel and roller coaster tycoon. they are explorations into using digital mediums for their unintended purpose. | 2018

music visualizrrr

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headphones that allow you to control your own music visualizer through the movement of your head. | 2019


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ever miss the xD era? thank god for this twitter bot. | 2019


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an interactive website created to immortalize a concert using videos posted to social media. | 2017

computer rage

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a video created to explore and visualize the notion of being so angry at a computer that you turn to violence, and what the tech might've done to get you there. | 2017
i made this site all by myself pls be impressed